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LEGAL TERMS OF BUSINESS : Agreed upon any reservation or by using this website. Privacy Policy and Disclaimer - ReconMyEngine.com for UK and Europe wide.

RESERVING a deal at ReconmyEngine.com means that the buyers agrees to the Terms of Business in collection of their repairable engine with a 4 day turnaround on mechanical reconditioning plus delivery as per location. Privacy policy and disclaimer on this page along with any distance selling regulations in the UK RME TRADING - Recon my engine / THE WEBSITE / R.M.E / reconmyengine.com / our company/ WE / US / OUR.

Privacy Policy and Disclaimer :

During your visit to our website we would like you to know that ReconmyEngine.com and its 3rd party Master mechanic company senders are committed to protecting your privacy. This website reserves users a reconditioning solution of their repairable engine only. Any Master mechanic will collect and return their engine to recondition within around 3-4 working days in normal trading circumstances as per the website. If unrepairable the surcharge applies as shown on the website to be used by the master mechanic to find a repairable part eg head or block to progress.

By reserving a deal with any Master mechanics you voluntarily give some personal information to allow ourselves and the reconditioner to fulfill your reservation upto delivery. Any deposit is not entirely refundable once a master mechanic is confirmed. Full reconditioning definition is parts are replaced with Brands new or reconditioned parts where required from any signs of wear and tear. Master mechanics are self-employed entities registered with companies house separately to ReconMyEngine and therefore they have each legally agreed to take entire responsibility for the engine reconditioning service, any delivery and warranty. Taxis, mini buses and commercial vehicle warranty is limited to 90 days warranty or 6'000 miles by each supplier as they are overused compared to public use. Public use covers for upto 8000 miles. Mileage reading BEFORE fitting needs to be forwarded onto the master mechanic directly who supplies any warranty directly. Any engine to be reconditioned needs to be stripped bare to sump, block and head only any other parts left on will be deemed faulty and thrown away. Any parts left on the engine by the buyer will be removed at a fair hourly rate by the master mechanic at £40 per hour. Master mechanics are self employed with separate business details available on request. In certain instances the supplier or mechanic will honour some warranty at their discretion. Regards any warranty claim the buyers engine must be returned directly to the Master mechanic at their expense to be inspected and assessed for cause of any issue(s). We reserve the right to cancel a reservation up to the point of delivery even after a deposit has been paid which will be refunded in full when the buyers bank details are provided. Over the phone conversation with call staff does not change the agreed by terms of business process of reconditioning in anyway. RME Trading do not supply any warranty or engines whatsoever. Master mechanics are self employed business entities and so provide any warranty and engine(s) directly in-return for the final payment from any buyers. Once a deposit is paid - if the reservation has been placed for the buyer, who may have difficulties completing themselves our Terms will be agreed in full upon receiving the deposit request. The mechanics warranty only covers the main item(s) as described on the invoice i.e. Engine head, block and sump from wear and tear only. This warranty does not cover any water pump, fuel pump, diesel pump, carburetor, distributor, computers, switches, manifolds, injectors, clutch, flywheel, rear main oil seals, driveshaft, transmission seals, gaskets etc. Once any exchange unit has been returned or collected to or by the supplier this is an agreement that the engine is without holes in the block or a surcharge as per the listing will be applied. A surcharge maybe applied if mentioned in the engine listing on our website by the supplier. Commercial, taxis, racing cars, couriers, transport or any none normally factory configured (tweaked) road usage warranties are limited to 6 000 miles or 90 days maximum by each supplier as they are overused compared to public users. In certain instances the supplier or mechanic will honour some warranty at their discretion.

A minimum 50% admin fee applies to any deposit refunded because of buyer remorse at the managers discretion plus other variable fees. Unfortunately, if any mechanic or suppliers company closes down, becomes dissolved their supplied warranty will be void. We will forward on details of any other mechanics who maybe able to provide a solution for a discounted rate at the managers discretion.

Notice :

ReconmyEngine.com does not use this information to send spam or unsolicited Email.

ReconmyEngine.com website contains content and systems that are proprietary. You agree not to copy, reproduce, alter, modify, re-publish, create derivative works, or publicly display any content from our website without the prior written permission of ReconmyEngine.com

ReconmyEngine.com reserves the right to choose not to deal with any person, for any reason or without a reason. Without limiting that right, we may immediately issue a warning, temporarily suspend, indefinitely suspend, or immediately or later terminate your right to access our site and refuse to provide our services to you for any reasons we see fit.

All reservations are directly between the buyers name on record and the Master mechanics comapny. ReconmyEngine.com provides no warranty and has no liability, with respect to the Master mechanics deals that are published on our website. The Master mechanic will provide you with his Terms upon payment - which are fair and protect both buyers from unscrupulous sellers and Master mechanics from fraudulent buyers. Collect-Recon-delivery is usually completed in 3 working days from day of receiving your current, repairable engine. Warranty is not transferable to any other person or vehicle.

" Any deposit is required by bank transfer and is none refundable once paid. Deposits can however be used towards another engine solution at a later date. The buyer is responsible for reading all the information published on our website and figuring our his or her financials before any reservation is made "

Call staff have been trained only to help users digest the info published on our website and help place any reservation for buyers to save them time. By allowing our call staff to place a reservation for you you agree in full to these/ our Terms of Business. Not every Master mechanic will accept card or paypal payments yet will deliver as promised and as published on the website. On the shelf engines are From £200 - 20% Extra (3-5 working day delivery) compared to reconditioning your engine by collect and redelivery. 3rd party Labor is not covered in any circumstance. Any none requested payments paid into our account by the buyer misreading the clear payment instructions will be subject to a small admin fee of £10 as all final payments are requested by the master mechanic to his account only. Taxi or commercial warranty from the master mechanic is a maximum of 6000 miles or 6 months or 1 year as per the website listing. Fitting at the price shown is not guaranteed as Master mechanics can get fully booked. The buyer should have the engine fitted locally if there are no slots available. By paying the master mechanic any final payment you agree to his terms.

ReconmyEngine.com and our information that the trusted Reconditioners provide via our website is at your sole risk, as replacing an engine can be create monetary risks if for Example : the engine once reconditioned is then misfitted by your chosen garage and/or is damaged by old faulty parts that are reattached to the engine which may have caused the initial issues in the first place. Payment of any final sum to the master mechanic is required by either bank transfer paypal or card some Master mechanics payment methods may vary but all are safe. Payment types are decided by the Master mechanics and are at his/her discretion after talking to the buyer. Engine Safeguard: Your Engine is 100% SAFE. GUARANTEED ™. Collection of your old engine is in safe hands with our Master mechanics (whose address and contact details you receive after any deposit payment) and also in safe hands with the chosen insured couriers. Once any deal is confirmed by email and received by the Master mechanic no refund is possible on any deposit. Buyers engines need to be out ready sprigged to bare sump block and head to either be reconditioned or exchanged or a surcharge applies as shown on the website. If the surcharge is paid because the buyers engine is not repairable there may be upto a two weeks wait for sourcing of the right engine to be reconditioned.

ReconmyEngine.com is an Engine repair locator service, directing your engine reservation to some of the most experienced Master mechanics here in the UK. We are in no way responsible for any transactions or disputes of selling or purchasing engines from any Master mechanic through our service. ReconmyEngine.com does NOT buy or sell parts, you are dealing with our known master mechanics at your own risk who have low issue related trading history! Free dropoff and collect option requires bank transfer or cash only to the trusted supplier whose contact details are emailed to your using the email address given upon your reservation. Turnaround is faster usually approximately 3-4 working days from full payment date. Any deposit paid to RMETrading is non refundable yet can be used towards the same engine solution shown on our website within 12 months. With a deposit paid and confirmed we passover your details to the master mechanic to collect, recondition and deliver your repairable engines. If your engine is not repairable then the surcharge applies as per website for the master mechanic to then use the surcharge to locate a repairable block for you. There maybe a delay waiting for this engine block to arrive to then be reconditioned. Our contracted part of the service is always rendered in full, on-time and without issue meaning staff are paid for their time using any deposits received upon agreement of these Terms. Any deals made on behalf of the buyer by our contracted call staff over the phone are also bound by the Terms of Business outlined. Your repairable engine will be collected, reconditioned and then delivered but In some cases if its Faster to complete the process another identical or compatible block and/or head maybe used. Any modifications whatsoever to cars or vans may invalidate the suppliers warranty at their discretion. Delivery on the 3-4 working days does not mean that delivery will be completed within this timeframe. Buyers old engine needs to be stripped bare to sump block and head to then be collected and reconditioned. If one engine is on the shelf the master mechanic may decide to supply that one at his own risk. This goes against the agreed plan by all parties and therefore voids all responsibility from Reconmyengine to the master mechanic completely. At busier times for example public holidays weekends or school holidays part of the population have holidays meaning we cannot guarantee and are not responsible for late deliveries and nor is any supplier or mechanic. We will however do our upmost so that delivery is completed asap within a reasonable amount of time. Any further delivery charges for areas outside of the3 standard courier quote is payable by the buyer to the supplier to progress. If this is too costly for example double the cost then the buyer has the right to cancel for a deposit refund.

Suppliers shall agree to accept all responsibility other than reserving any deal by way of deposit in Accepting any reserved deal from rme trading Ltd. Turnaround shall be 4 working days on average and Warranty must be honoured if the Engine is fitted by a qualified garage with proof of experience fitting the engine type reserved.

Privacy policy

We nor our trusted reconditioners store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

The Information we collect

Like all websites we log basic information about visitor usage in order to improve what we do. This includes traffic sources and location, and also which pages you visit. If you submit a parts request we log that information so that the dismantlers and garages can make contact with you directly. They could also choose to use our system to contact you via your email. We may contact you via email to inform you of changes to our system or of any information we feel you need to know. We do not use the information for any other purpose.


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Trusted reconditioners / Mechanics :

Dropoff and collect option requires bank transfer or cash only to the trusted supplier whose contact details are emailed to your using the email address given upon your reservation. Any new sales fee must be paid sameday as any invoice is sent as ' buyer waiting ' status. any new sale fee paid by any trusted reconditioner is non-refundable yet can be used as credit in some cases at our discretion. Vat receipts are issued by some of our Master mechanics if they themselves are vat registered. You can request via email if the reconditioned can provide a vat receipt or not. A registration is required to match the solution, before any progression commences or please read the fit years to ensure a match - if the mechanic supplies off the shelf as opposed to reconditioning your engine. as normal.