Our Story

Where you are at this very moment in time - is where I was back in 2011 ...completely car-less !

My transporter 2.5 Engine had a damaged head and a local garage directed me to a friend-of-a-friend who

was about to take advantage of an inexperienced young Engine buyer ...

Not only was i charged over the going rate, i had paid cash and received only a half a Reconditioned Engine (block)

I raced up there to sort this and after about 3 visits got a refund. This took 2 weeks of stress and wasted time.

The money I borrowed off of my uncle took 2 years to pay back but I learnt a few things and realised the risky

avenues needed to be avoided if I ever was to buy an Engine again


It was well worth fixing my van as it was deemed pretty much ' WORTHLESS ' without a running Engine. This didn't need to be so stressful... and in the end I

had my own Engine Collected > Reconditioned > Redelivered in few days from an old timer who knew his stuff... He is now an exclusive Master mechanic for my company.

3 Years later (after a Princes Trust, dragons den style funding process) I set up ReconmyEngine.com with the most Trusted Master mechanics involved to

get any job done properly ! My team and I are now dedicated to making the whole Engine Reconditioning process making it SAFER , EASIER and as GOOD VALUE for

money as possible... perhaps we can get your problem solved today for you today ?

All the very best,